Education and Renewal Center

Tranquility Farm Equestrian – Education and Renewal Center

Dear Friends and Supporters of Tranquility Farm,

After 12 years of successful operation, bringing healing and renewed life to thousands of clients and volunteers through the amazing power of God working via rescued horses , Tranquility Farm has closed it’s doors. The President and Board of Directors gratefully wishes to thank the public for its many years of faithful support and volunteer service. Historically, our nonprofit was one of the first utilizing the equine-human bond to promote lasting healing in PTSD and survivors of many kinds of physical, emotional or mental trauma. Many others have followed suit since we began in 2002.

May God continue to bless all these efforts with the outstanding rescued horses and people who find new life and courage through them, now and forever.

- Tranquility Farm Equestrian Education and Renewal Center, Inc. 2014